Monday, June 18, 2007


I know I am being very slow in posting but I guess I'm just too busy!?!?! How did I ever work, raise 2 kids as a single mom and keep up with everything?? I have no idea!! Since I last posted, I went before the deacons at church which went very well ... and then before the church membership on Wednesday night where I lost it! That was not supposed to happen! I had very good little notes and forgot to even look at them ... I don't even know what I ended up saying but did cry but finally got it back together so was able to finish up and was voted in as a re-member! Now I can go to work! Shelly Courser already has me lined up to work at camp with her and Lorraine said she could use me whenever ... I didn't even have to sign up ... just show up! Looks like I'll be even busier! I was at the trailer with Lynn and the kids for the weekend and we brought back a bunch of chicken and 4 turkeys for camp ... I'll pick up more every time I'm down for them as it is a lot cheaper!
I wanted to show you this awesome project that Emma did in preschool for her Dad for Father's Day ... Hope it turns out ... it's a keeper for sure! He says he has no idea where she got the "moon is made of cheese" thing because he never told her any such thing ... guess that's all she could think of at the time! Talk to you again soon!

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sara said...

I am so glad that things went well at church...wish I could have been there to see you bawling you eyes out...just kidding :)

I know you will have fun working at is always fun with Jude around!!!