Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Tired Cook!!

Now I know exactly how old I am ... too old to stand on my feet and cook for 12 or 14 hours straight ... counseling was a piece of cake compared to this!! It was fun but am I tired! I signed up for a whole week for middle camp?? What was I thinking?? I did get some pictures ... not as many as I wanted to but I couldn't get out of the kitchen!! I will download them from the camera this week and post them for you. You girls who remember the old bathrooms with 1 shower that you had to sneak into in the dead of night would be impressed with the new ones. There are about 5 big roomy private shower stalls and that many toilets too!! The rest is pretty much the same other than the new building for staff (of course, right girls??) and electricity in the cabins!! I stayed in #6 (next to our old #5 and I thought "if only those walls could talk!!" Anyhow, here is a little story that someone sent me that I thought was cute as well as thought provoking! Enjoy!!

A young man was at the end of his rope, seeing no way out, he dropped to his knees in prayer
"Lord, I can't go on," he said. "I have too heavy a cross to bear." The Lord replied, "My son, if you can't bear its weight, just place your cross inside this room. Then, open that other door and pick out any cross you wish."
The man was filled with relief and said, "Thank you Lord," and he did as he was told. Upon entering the other room, he saw many crosses; some so large the tops were not visible. Then, he spotted a tiny cross leaning against a far wall. "I'd like that one, Lord," he whispered. The Lord replied, "My son, that is the cross you just brought in."
When life's problems seem overwhelming, it helps to look around and see what other people are coping with. You may consider yourself far more fortunate than you imagined.

Whatever your cross
Whatever your pain
There will always be sunshine
After the rain
Perhaps you may stumble
Perhaps even fall
But God's always there
To help you through it all

Monday, June 25, 2007

Cooking for Kids

I am on my way to Family Camp on Wednesday to cook with Shelly. I will be helping out in the kitchen as much as I can fit in with my babysitting job! I am going for the whole week of Middle Camp because 3 of my grandbabies will be there so I'm only leaving one for them to find a babysitter for! I am so thankful to be able to work again ... as far as I'm concerned, you can't grow if you're not working in the church ... at least that's how it works for me! I sat there, Sunday after Sunday, biting at the bit when I would hear them calling for help so I am very, very happy to now be able to respond!
Some great news for those of you who know Faith (Brewer) Nagle ... her husband got saved today!! Faith is busy crying and rejoicing today ... and I am so very happy for her. My daughter and granddaughter recently got baptized so God is very good, isn't he?? I think my worst fault is not having patience and leaving things to happen in God's time, not mine! I give up far too easily and just say to myself, "it's a lost cause - they'll never get saved" and so on and even slack off or even stop praying for people that are dear to me. These things were a real challenge to me to pray unceasingly, fervently and earnestly for people, even to weep and ask God to spare them until they realize their need to be saved.
Anyhow, as I was preparing for camp, I was making my old standby muffins (I don't know how many of these I made for my youth group a few years ago) and thought I would pass the recipe on for those of you who don't have it. It is great to make with kids ... Emma makes them almost every week for her and Joey ... she actually knows the recipe off by heart and probably could make them herself now! I often make them in the mini muffin tins and use miniature chocolate chips for something different!
Extra Chocolatey Banana Muffins
1/2 cup canola oil
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
1 cup mashed banana (aro 3)
1 cup, rounded, chocolate chips
1 cup flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
Pinch of salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
In mixing bowl, whisk together egg, oil and sugar; stir in chocolate chips. Combine flour, baking soda, salt and cinnamon; stir into mixture just until moistened. Spoon into 12 greased muffin cups and bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.
Emma actually moans as she eats them ... what better testimony can I give you about how appealing they are to kids ... and kind of healthy too!
I'll try to get some good shots while out at camp to put on for you! I'm going to miss the Fosmarks being there but I understand he is being operated on the 28th so I guess they won't be there!!

Monday, June 18, 2007


I know I am being very slow in posting but I guess I'm just too busy!?!?! How did I ever work, raise 2 kids as a single mom and keep up with everything?? I have no idea!! Since I last posted, I went before the deacons at church which went very well ... and then before the church membership on Wednesday night where I lost it! That was not supposed to happen! I had very good little notes and forgot to even look at them ... I don't even know what I ended up saying but did cry but finally got it back together so was able to finish up and was voted in as a re-member! Now I can go to work! Shelly Courser already has me lined up to work at camp with her and Lorraine said she could use me whenever ... I didn't even have to sign up ... just show up! Looks like I'll be even busier! I was at the trailer with Lynn and the kids for the weekend and we brought back a bunch of chicken and 4 turkeys for camp ... I'll pick up more every time I'm down for them as it is a lot cheaper!
I wanted to show you this awesome project that Emma did in preschool for her Dad for Father's Day ... Hope it turns out ... it's a keeper for sure! He says he has no idea where she got the "moon is made of cheese" thing because he never told her any such thing ... guess that's all she could think of at the time! Talk to you again soon!

Monday, June 11, 2007

The duck and the devil ...

Here is a story that I particular liked ... I am thankful that I have finally stopped letting the devil make a slave out of me! I will be giving my testimony this coming Wednesday night at the church to see if they will let me come back. I met with the deacons last night and was very blessed ... I was prepared for a blast but they were very gracious and told me it was great to see someone come back and not be bitter about having been removed from the membership as many do. I guess bitterness is just one bad habit I fortunately do not have! I honestly just thought about blaming anyone ... I KNEW the problem was with me! I am very nervous about this week so you can all pray for me!! Here is the story!

There was a little boy visiting his grandparents on their farm. He was given a slingshot to play with out in the woods. He practiced in the woods; but he could never hit the target. Getting a little discouraged, he headed back for dinner. As he was walking back he saw Grandma's pet duck. Just out of impulse, he let the slingshot fly, hit the duck square in the head and killed it. He was shocked and grieved! In a panic, he hid the dead duck in the wood pile; only to see his sister watching! Sally had seen it all, but she said nothing.

After lunch the next day Grandma said, 'Sally, let's wash the dishes.' But Sally said, 'Grandma, Johnny told me he wanted to help in the kitchen.' Then she whispered to him, 'Remember the duck?' So Johnny did the dishes. Later that day, Grandpa asked if the children wanted to go fishing and Grandma said, 'I'm sorry but I need Sally to help make supper.' Sally just smiled and said, 'Well that's all right because Johnny told me he wanted to help.' She whispered again, 'Remember the duck?' So Sally went fishing and Johnny stayed to help.

After several days of Johnny doing both his chores and Sally's; he finally couldn't stand it any longer. He came to Grandma and confessed that he had killed the duck. Grandma knelt down, gave him a hug and said, 'Sweetheart, I know. You see, I was standing at the window and I saw the whole thing, but because I love you, I forgave you. I was just wondering how long you would let Sally make a slave of you.'

Thought for the day and every day thereafter ... Whatever is in your past, whatever you have done... and the devil keeps throwing it up in your face (lying, cheating, debt, fear, bad habits, hatred, anger, bitterness, etc.)...whatever it is...You need to know that God was standing at the window and He saw the whole thing. He has seen your whole life. He wants you to know that He loves you and that you are forgiven. He's just wondering how long you will let the devil make a slave of you.

The great thing about God is that when you ask for forgiveness; He not only forgives you, but He forgets. It is by God's grace and mercy that we are saved. And always remember: God is at the window!