Monday, November 5, 2007

Another update with pictures ...

Ramona, Debbie and Gina in the back of my van on the way to N.S. Helen and Raquel Rodden got the middle seats!
Kristen Cogswell (Nathan's fiancee) got the front seat!
Ramona, Debbie & Gina at our Pyjama Party (on the way to which someone tried to pick me up ... me trying to do right and be good and look what happens, even at a Ladies Retreat ... I must look really good in my nightee!!)
It was fun to have the younger generation joining in this year ... Ashley Mawhinney Lomax, Sally Burrill Deschenes, Carla Walsh (from Nfld.), Raquel Rodden and Kristen Cogswell.
Bev in the morning after our late Sisters night at Kay cottage on Lake Utopia ... quite a sight!! Kay lighting the fire for us!
You can tell how good the stew was ... this is my plate ... sopped up completely with my yummy roll from the little Bakery in St. George!!
Bev ... contemplating life I guess!
Kay preaching to us!!

Kay enjoying her stew!!

Bevvie eating her stew at our Sisters Night at Lake Utopia!

Britt and Brandon ready to go trick or treating!

My 4 grandbabies ... Emma, Brittany, Brandon & Joe (who look so happy to be there!!)

Joey ready to go Trick or treating (with his dog, Jack)

Our little cat, Emma, with my cat, Goofy, tired out after Trick or Treating

Emma ready for her school Halloween Party

Emma and Britt playing in the leaves!I can't believe how time flies and how busy I am ... hopefully now that winter is approaching, I will be home more and keep up with this a bit more although my life will be pretty boring so other than the kids and family news, my blog will no doubt be just as boring! Emma recently had her ears pierced ... her decision and she never cried when she got them done although the look of shock that came over her face when they hit the guns was priceless. We warned her it was going to hurt but I don't think she realized just how much! She is into calling people herself on the phone right now so she wanted to call everyone and tell them her news about the ears but no one was home. She finally got a friend and we heard her lamenting about how no one was home and then she says very seriously: "I woulda called Bubba (her great grandfather who passed away last year) 'cause I knowed he would have been home but I don't know God's number" ... Lynn and I just cracked up! Then she wanted to call her grandfather but Doug must have put her off so she came down to me and says quite indignantly: "Nannie, you must know Grandpaw's number 'cause I know you used to be married to him!" ... I laughed and told her the number and while she was talking to him, he must have asked where she was or something because she says "I'm downstairs ... here with your old wife!" ... we just roared! I saw him at a funeral last week and he says "Well, hello old wife!" ... I think I have a new title!! Lynn was telling me that the last time they were out there, she says to him "I think Nannie should come out here and live with you and Marilyn can go and live at her place" ... makes you wonder what goes on in their head, doesn't it?? She is a constant source of amusement right now ... a lot of grown up conversation without the proper meaning always behind the words. Here are some pictures for you. A couple of the kids at Halloween and some of the Ladies Retreat in Nova Scotia (I was hoping you would have been there, Gail!!), a couple at our "Sisters Night at Kay's Cabin, etc. Those of you on Facebook may have already seen them out there!


Sara Mincy said...

Great pictures, Jude! Love the one of the girls in the leaves- fall bliss :) I am so jealous about the ladies retreat!

OH! I talked to Helen and she said maybe she could leave for a long weekend all be herself. that would be SO fun! Just us girls.

gailsgarden said...

Where was Faith at your sister overnight? And why didn't you have someone take your pic so we knew you were there?

Heavenbound Kim said...

I love the funny stories about Emma ~ I can't wait to share with Cliff... He loves funny stories about kids! Kim;D oX's